Alkaline water purifiers and hexagonal

Alkaline water purification oshsh polygon of the first water purification units have been completely Iranian that builds on a very new technology water treatment in Japan is تولیدآب and the ability to help with prevention and treatment on the properties of illnesses..

Alkaline water purification units and different parts of three hexagonal is made up . The first part of the water purification process, which is in the process of chlorine, heavy metals, pesticides and bacteria in the water absolutely purposeful removed and plaster(Water deposits) Severely reduced. At this point the useful water solutes is preserved.
The second part consists of hexagonal water process.. The purpose of the hexagonal water is a condition in which the more there is in the springs heights. In this case a very light and smooth water and high water permeability, such as خواصی air purifiers in the water, increasing the amount of oxygen water, increase the transparency of the water and get water and magnetic ... To be created.
The third part consists of alkaline water.. Alkaline water through very advanced filters done that in effect of alkaline antioxidant water properties water, hydrogenated water, increase the amount of magnesium is done water.
The water produced by the machine as a water very healthy and free of any dirt and as a factor of prevention of diseases and also as an aid in the treatment of diseases is. Many doctors and specialists of the hexagonal and alkaline water in the diseases have used many good results in kidney diseases and digestive and ... Have announced.

The Government respectfully with regard to questions concerning very dear to add filters alkaline water treatment devices on the head and turn it into alkaline ionized water apparatus stating the following tips..

1- Alkaline ionized water production process and the hexagonal quite different from reverse osmosis filtration devices and production technology of alkaline ionized water and the above professional hexagonal (Single-) ..
2- Add an alkaline filters in step six and seven in the water treatment devices are available only for a very short period can produce water with low alkalinity and PHP in a short period of this property offers(Less than a month). And this is while on the annual lifetime filters filter is registered as 2 alkaline.
3- Alkaline water ionization part off the water and revive the ability to not have absolutely no health benefits resulting from the consumption of ionized water alkaline water with hexagonal and taking this is not created. To test this issue, you can use the following test to determine the difference in manufacturing alkaline water reverse osmosis water purification and alkaline ionized water purification and use the hexagonal.

How does alkaline ionized water and ordinary water into hexagonal diagnosis?

(A): The use of drops of reagent PHP: Alkaline ionized water with PHP introducing purple comes in neutral water and قلیاییت down to the red and yellow acidic water can be. Simply a few drops of reagents produced in PHP water water purification units and check its color. (Distilled water like soft drinks have acidic properties, and color drops of reagents to yellow.)
If you need to drop the phone with agents contact company.

(B): Testing the permeability and absorption of water in the cell: To determine the amount of water in the water permeability can put some turmeric(The plant cell) Stir it and. Then move until full water stand circulating wait. After being stagnant water if water is left on the water CL non-hexagon and if the CL is at the bottom of the container Lees(High water permeability) The properties of hexagonal water.( Sometimes we may have to blink a few times the process water and repeat it until we become stagnant results show better)

(B): Quick cooking beans: The use of alkaline ionized water and hexagonal like spring water causes faster baking beans and دیرپز foods.. Some split peas with enough water to cook a variety of cooked and time to measure. The use of alkaline ionized water producing device oshsh polygon مهراندیشان of up to 50 percent of the company's knowledge, the founder of cooking time legumes reduced and even require the use of high pressure cooking in the kitchen.

(C):Mix in water air rate testing: The existence of mixed air in the water(Insoluble) Digestive diseases caused in humans can be. To test the existence of mixed air in sufficient water is a tributary of the flower Center inside a glass of water. Flowers for your life and start to water purifies water. In the event that there is an air bubble in the water a lot away to shoot it is collected.

(D): The taste of water style : Alkaline ionized water and spring water like hexagonal polycarbonate is not and has never been bitter Guevara. (Even if you have not changed the filters.) And you can drink at any time 1 Liters of it easy بیاشامید. If this is the usual water and refined than دولیوان every time can't be drank.

(E): Clean power کنندگی up and dissolve the sediments (The plaster): Alkaline ionized water with respect to its ability to dissolve gypsum magnetic kettle is capable of. Amthal whether for ionized water or not can make some water a few times about testing in the Samovar or Kettle full of gypsum plaster if you boil the solution contained in the kettle is ionized water. But in the event of failure to resolve the existing plaster samovars and not ionized water kettle.

N.)Keep useful amounts of water : The existing urban water plaster according to the opinion of doctors and professors, have been very useful for the body(The result of the water contained magnesium and کلسیوم) And its use is liable to prevent osteoporosis and some diseases.. If you get useful amounts of water, in Kettle or no sedimentary cannot be created if you create the sediments, the sediments are very hard and could not be separated from the glazed porcelain. Alkaline ionized water apparatus and pregnant with the hexagonal calcium and magnesium within water molecules from sticking to the walls of the containers can help prevent. So if you have ionized water is boiling and the hexagonal bit rate if the plaster creates dishes but it was very soft and the plaster without any difficulty and pressure will be separated from the glazed porcelain.

And) Chalap phenomenon cholope: This test will show you how your body can deal with spring water. Is enough after taking a meal one to دولیوان from tap water and spring water you intake. Then a step to the air بپرید. after coming down and taking water within the stomach if you notice that the move means that the body does not absorb water, and comfortable urban water and tap water you intake. If quiet is getting noticed water in the inside of the stomach نشدید of spring water you intake. Because of this rapid water absorption is body.

(E)) Increase the life of the flowers: Due to the excellent properties of alkaline ionized water oshsh polygon if you put two flowers cut branches in the typical water and purified ionized water, life in the ionized water much more than tap water and is refined and flowers will be more juicy.

The) Failure to change the color and smell of the water in case of stay: Ionized alkaline water and had hexagonal is similar to rain water and water is Zam Zam. The CCR is a typical water much more life and color and scent of it does not change and is not opaque osbes. To test this issue two glasses removed and cut inside each flower branch put a. Then pour the water from the two different got it. After a few days of normal water and sludge treatment and its color is changed. But alkaline ionized water and ordinary water hexagonal towards more life and promises and sludge remain transparent.

The reasons for preventive medical assistance and water purification device manufacturing alkaline water and hexagonal?

• Wrong life style in advanced societies today include low mobility and use of fast food chains, air pollution, the consumption of sugar and شیرینیجات and … قلیاییت the blood and reduces the acidity of the blood acidosis results when diseases such as obesity, high blood pressure, diabetes, cancer and … .. The use of alkaline water is acidic due to being anti-extremely helpful in preventing diseases of the will said.
• Alkaline water contains large amounts of antioxidants that prevent cancer and premature aging..
• Becoming a cluster of fine water molecules in the process of becoming hexagonal and alkaline water absorption rate to the amount of water in the cells of the eye making increases. More solute absorption in the body (Contains calcium and magnesium) Thereby preventing osteoporosis can be.
• Continued use of the alkaline water is liable to prevent failure and rot the teeth.. The reason for this is that remaining particles of food in the mouth caused by the acidic environment that acidification causes tooth decay tooth.. The use of alkaline water can prevent tooth decay and failure to help.
• Due to increased water permeability in the process of getting the amount of water the water solubility of hexagonal also increased and the surface tension of water is reduced. Articles & patents at the international level, there is a lot that indicates the use of water has caused the regular hexagonal and the functioning of vital body organs easier to like the heart and the kidneys.. Use water with a low surface tension (Soft water) Thereby helping to reduce the concentration of the blood and to prevent stroke..
• In the process of becoming hexagonal water, magnetic water that the water has the ability to dissolve the deposits. Hexagonal and alkaline water consumption are extremely helpful in preventing the creation of kidney stones and in some cases minimize and eliminate kidney stones, can.

آب قلیایی
آب قلیایی

Alkaline water purifiers and Hexagon with the ability to produce hot and cold water

The production of alkaline water and hexagonal
Remove the plaster and chlorine and harmful substances in water
Eliminate bacteria and germs
Increase water synthetic genes
The output of 2 liters per minute
Production of water are very light and smooth. (Like spring water)
The price is less than the external sample 1.5
Can be used in the Office & homes
Unmatched in quality and price
One year warranty and five years of service after the sale

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